New Standard on Fire Propagation of External Walls - AS 5113

Posted on : Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Standards Australia recently completed the development of AS 5113, Fire propagation testing and classification of external walls of buildings.


The standard sets out procedures for testing and classification of external walls according to their tendency to limit the spread of fire across their surface and between neighbouring buildings. It can be applied to external vertical surfaces and external wall systems. AS 5113 also integrates international standard test methods where practicable.


According to the independent Chair of the Committee, Paul England, the expected impacts for Australia are:


• Improved fire safety through appropriate classification of the performance of external walls

• Improved energy efficiency

• Improved selection criteria for facade materials/system for the building industry

• Net saving on reducing compliance costs and facilitating the use of cost effective façade systems


"The standard will facilitate quantification of performance in the area of fire safety consistent in with ABCB initiatives.It will assist with the compliance of the energy efficiency requirements of the NCC whilst contributing to the maintenance of acceptable levels of public safety'' added Mr England.


The standard was prepared by Technical Committee FP-018, Fire Safety. This committee has representatives from industry associations, fire authorities, testing laboratories, and Australian Building Codes Board.


FPA Australia understand that ABCB is considering changes to the NCC to adopt AS 5113 however no decision on timings has yet been announced.

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