Fire Protection on Mine Sites WA

Posted on : Monday, 21 December 2015

The Western Australian Government Department of Mines and Petroleum-Resource Safety recently released Mines Safety Bulletin No. 127  pertaining to 'Maintaining the effectiveness of water-mist fire suppression systems on mobile plant'.


Although AS 5062 is not referenced by the Western Australia's mines safety and inspection legislation, the bulletin advocates that AS 5062 may be used as a guide to good practice for water-mist fire suppression systems.   The current version of AS 5062 is the 2006 version; however, note that AS 5062 is in the process being revised and the public draft comment closed on 11 November 2015.


While this bulletin specifically focuses on water-mist fire suppression systems on mobile plant, it contains numerous recommendations which FPA Australia also recommends and promotes for all fire protection systems.  These are:


  • That fire protection systems be selected and designed on sound fire risk management principles,
  • Designed and manufactured by competent persons to an industry standard,
  • Installed, test and commissioned by competent persons
  • That the systems are periodically tested, inspected and serviced by competent persons in accordance with a specified routine service regime.
  • Installers and service personnel are adequately trained, assessed and accredited
  • All perceived equipment failures or defects are suitably reported to the owner of equipment or building.


To read this bulletin click here or search for it at the Department of Mines and Petroleum website.