Copyright Violation of FPA Australia Logbooks

Posted on : Friday, 11 December 2015

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) has become aware of widespread duplication of our AS 1851-2012 and AS 2293 logbooks (FPA Australia logbooks).


After the release of the standards on which the FPA Australia logbooks are based, the Association undertook many months customising the unique FPA Australia logbooks. From a design perspective they are easy to complete and contain additional information to assist technicians, as well meeting necessary regulatory obligations. The Association owns copyright on the FPA Australia Logbooks.


Duplicated copies of the FPA Australia logbooks have recently been brought to the attention of the Association. These duplicated copies are near exact reproductions of the FPA Australia logbooks and as such, they are a clear breach of the Associations' copyright.


The Association takes this matter very seriously. The protection of our (and your, as a member) Intellectual Property Rights is paramount.  The Association will be vigorously pursuing any individual or company involved in the reproduction of the FPA Australia logbooks. FPA Australia has successfully pursued several individuals and companies involved in such activities in the past.


In order to protect yourself from any action that may be commenced by the Association for infringement of copyright, it is important that when you are acquiring logbooks, you ensure that you do not purchase products that violate the copyright of the FPA Australia logbooks.


The Association will release more information in the weeks ahead and we thank you for your support in this important matter. If you believe you are in possession of, or are aware of, duplicated FPA Australia logbooks, we encourage you to contact the Association's Membership Services Manager Stephanie Viney at or on 03 8892 3131. To learn more about FPA Australia logbooks click here.