Our 2020 Vision for the Fire Protection Industry

Posted on : Friday, 20 November 2015

FPA Australia has a simple goal for the fire protection industry: that all individuals will be 'fit-for-action' (trained, competent and accredited) by 2020.


We are committed to making this a reality and have listened to feedback from our members in order to make the training and accreditation process simpler and more affordable.


  • We recognise the cost of accreditation - so we've removed most of the costs


The Association is removing fees associated with experienced accreditation (inspect & test) and business recognition for all Corporate members. This means you can get experienced accreditation for all of your technicians right now free of charge. (Offer ends 31 December 2016)


  • We recognise the cost of training - so we're offering a major subsidy


Our members have consistently highlighted the significant cost of training. While you are free to choose the most cost effective training provider to suit your needs, FPA Australia will be offering a substantial subsidy of up to 40% off the standard price of inspect & test training required for accreditation as part of our 2020 vision program.


  • We recognise the accreditation process has been complex - so we're making it simpler


More information on how you can make the most of these opportunities will be forwarded to members and will be made available through our website.


We know we need to closely partner with our members to realise our vision and our team will assist each business to ensure your technicians gain accreditation as efficiently as possible.


We want your business to be clearly recognised as a provider of quality services; an important point of difference compared with those companies not committed to the future of the industry. With this in mind, in the future, only Corporate members employing accredited technicians will receive additional benefits of membership such as promotion as 'providers of choice' on the Association's website.


On behalf of our Association and the Board of Directors we would like to thank you for taking the time to read about our exciting 2020 vision for the fire protection industry. We ask you to take advantage of the opportunity to be recognised for the outstanding work your business undertakes and we look forward to working with you to achieve these important outcomes.


Click here to learn more about the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme.