Management of Firefighting Foam - Industry Forum

Posted on : Monday, 19 January 2015

 FPA Australia is pleased to be holding an important initiative bringing together all key national stakeholders in response to the Queensland and Western Australian state government's draft policy on firefighting foams.


The forum, which will be held on Wednesday 28 January, will assist in the development of industry comment to the second draft policy produced by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, in conjunction with the Western Australian Department of Environmental Regulation.


The policy draft has potential for significant impacts environmentally, economically and on fire safety outcomes. The forum will focus on identifying and discussing key issues that would be associated with the application of the draft policy as well as developing a set of consistent points that industry stakeholders can use in their response either individually or as part of a joint industry submission.


FPA Australia expects to have representatives from major producers, distributers and end users of firefighting foam products in Australia including: Foam product and system industry, petroleum industry, fire and emergency services, mining industry, ports authorities, air services, defence, bulk tanker and transport industry and the plastic and chemicals industries.


The Association is proud to be leading the industry discussion on these important issues and we will be sure to inform all members on the outcome of the forum as well as the direction of any submissions to the draft policy public comment.  The Association has also written a detailed Information Bulletin on the selection and use of firefighting foams which can be accessed here. For more information please contact or call 03 8892 3131.

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