AS 1851-2012 Now Required in QLD

Posted on : Thursday, 15 January 2015

FPA Australia is reminding all Queensland stakeholders that AS 1851-2012 is now the state's required maintenance standard for fire protection work.*


The adoption of AS 1851-2012 delivers a reduction in red tape and provides savings for building owners, while still protecting the safety of building occupants. FPA Australia has strongly advocated for the adoption of the new standard in Queensland, as part of the industry working group convened by Buidling Codes Queensland.


FPA Australia's all new AS 1851-2012 logbooks are ready to be used under the new Queensland regulations, with special provisions included in each book for the specific requirements of the new MP6.1 and the new Building Fire Safety Regulations. The Association also sells copies of the Standard, which is available to FPA Australia members at a discounted rate.


To find out more about FPA Australia's suite of AS 1851-2012 logbooks click here. (*Alternative solutions or manufacturers requirements are permitted to vary AS1851-2012 according to these specific requirements).

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