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New Fire Protection Maintenance Standard for South Australia

Posted on : Thursday, 12 February 2015


FPA Australia is extremely pleased by the announcement in today's South Australian Government Gazette that, from May 1 2015, AS 1851-2012 Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment will be the State's required standard for fire protection maintenance.

The Gazette notes that the 'Minister's Specification SA 76-Maintenance and Testing of Safety Installations Schedule of Essential Safety Provisions', dated January 2000, has been amended and republished by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure as 'Minister's Specification SA 76-Maintenance of Essential Safety Provisions-2015 edition'.

The Minister's Specification SA 76- Maintenance of Essential Safety Provisions 2015 edition now requires compliance with AS 1851-2012 Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment for the maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment in all new buildings from 1 May 2015 and also allows for existing buildings to transition their fire protection maintenance activities to AS 1851-2012. 

In December 2013 FPA Australia provided the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure with a comprehensive proposal to amend the state's regulatory requirements for fire protection maintenance, which was greeted with support from the regulator.

In September 2014 a working group was formed to review the South Australian Minister's Specification SA 76 with the view to adopting AS 1851-2012 and other best practice Standards where applicable. The working group included representatives from SAMFS, local government and Department of Planning, Transport and Industry and was chaired by an independent private building surveyor.  

FPA Australia invested significant resources into this working group to ensure the best outcomes for the industry and the South Australian community were achieved. The Association not only participated in all working group meetings over a 4 month period, we were also responsible for strongly highlighting the need for the adoption of the new standard in order to realise community expectations for fire safety and ensure South Australian regulatory requirements were aligned with the national agenda and contemporary maintenance practice and training methodologies. FPA Australia's Position Statement PS-03 outlines the benefits of adopting the latest standard (visit  

FPA Australia Good Practice Guide GPG-03 will now be updated for a third time to reflect these changes in South Australia which compliment adoption of AS 1851-2012 by other jurisdictions. However, implementation of the new Standard's technical activities and processes including how to transition existing buildings to AS 1851-2012 will be presented at an upcoming FPA Australia event specifically tailored for South Australia. In addition, to  ensure your company is complaint with AS 1851-2012 FPA Australia has developed a suite of recording and reporting logbooks which can be purchased from the FPA Australia Sales Centre here.

The Association would like to formally commend the South Australian Government for the leadership role it has taken in ensuring the best fire protection maintenance practices are adopted via this important standard. We thank the Department for allowing FPA Australia to participate on and provide input to the working group over the course of the past six months.  FPA Australia also wishes to thank members of the South Australian Membership Group Coordinating Team for their input and support for this change.

If you have any questions in relation to Minister's Specification SA 76-Maintenance of Essential Safety Provisions 2015 edition or AS 1851-2012 please contact FPA Australia's Technical Department at