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Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) is committed to leading and supporting a professional industry to minimise the impact of fire on life, property and the environment, for a safer community.  As such, we have taken a leadership role by establishing an accreditation program for our industry. 


Established in 2013, the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) is the only national system for recognising the skills and knowledge of individuals undertaking lifesaving fire protection work in this country. Individuals in the Scheme must sign a professional code of conduct and hold appropriate insurances.


We have a simple goal for this industry:  that all individuals performing Inspect and Test work activities will gain FPAS Inspect and Test Accreditation.  


We want Corporate members to be clearly recognised as providers of quality services; an important point of difference compared to those companies not committed to the future of the industry. 


With this in mind, only Corporate members employing accredited technicians will in future receive additional benefits of membership such as promotion as 'providers of choice' of Inspect and Test work activity on the Association's website.


Registering for FPAS (Inspect & Test)


Registering for the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS), means that a Corporate member who provides this type of work activity, is committing to listing all individuals engaged by the business who perform inspect and test work activity, and commits to ensure each individual listed gains FPAS accreditation. 


The ultimate goal for the business is to achieve FPAS Recognised Business status and to transition all individuals to Qualified Accreditation.


How do I register my business for FPAS and ultimately gain FPAS Recognised Business status?


To begin the FPAS Registration process, simply click here.  This will direct you to our Member CONNECT portal, then login using the Company login.


At the 'Connect' homepage, Click on 'FPAS - REGISTER NOW' found at the footer of the page. Read the Ts & Cs and progress through the form then submit when your FPAS Registration form is completed.


The FPAS Team will then send each individual listed, their own user ID for 'Connect' and instructions on how to login and access the online FPAS Accreditation applications forms.


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FPAS Recognised Business (Inspect & Test)


Recognised Business status is achieved when a Corporate member who has Registered for FPAS has met the Scheme's requirements outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Recognised Business status is awarded to business entities that invest in the skills, knowledge and experience of those fire protection technicians engaged by the business and thereby supports them in achieving individual accreditation and transitioning all individuals to Qualified Accreditation in all categories.


Corporate members who have fully registered for FPAS will be eligible to gain Recognised Business status when 25% of all accredited individuals hold Qualified Accreditation in at least one category of inspect and test work activity that they are accredited in.


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Click here view the current Terms and Conditions for Registering for FPAS and FPAS Recognised Business. 


Please Note - Consultation regarding all elements of the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) is ongoing and as such all information contained on this page is subject to change.