Our 2021 Vision

Our 2021 Vision for Fire Protection Inspect and Test (Routine Service)


FPA Australia has a simple goal for the fire protection industry:  that all individuals will be 'fit-for-action' (trained, competent and accredited) by 2021.


This means that all Corporate Members who offer inspect and test services would need to be FPAS Recognised Businesses (Inspect and Test). 


We are driven to improve the quality and consistency of inspection and testing of fire protection systems and equipment. Inspection and testing is critical to maintaining the safety of the millions of buildings the community lives and works in. 


We want your business to be clearly recognised as a provider of quality services; an important point of difference compared with those companies not committed to the future of the industry. 


With this in mind, in the future, only Corporate members employing accredited technicians will receive additional benefits of membership such as promotion as 'providers of choice' on the Association's website.


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