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FSD Resources


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FSD Qualifications Matrix (Spreadsheet describing the pathway requirements for Fire Systems Designers)


Guide to undertaking Qualified FSD online assessments


FSD In Person Assessment Sessions - Fact Sheet Dec 2020


Guide to Insurance Requirments


Qualified FSD - Experience Requirments


Pracitce Note - FSD01 FSD Accreidtation Levels and Restrictions


FPAS Scheme Document





FSD - Application Withdrawal Form


In order to withdraw your FSD accreditation, either entirely or for specific measures, you need to complete this form and return to


FSD Qualification Pre-Check

Qualification Pre-Check has been created to assist new and existing practitioners in identifying gaps in their Qualified Application before applying for the Fire Systems Desing accreditation. Complete this form and return to


Form 1C - WPA List (FSD)


Form 1D - Prior Experience (FSD)





Qualified FSD Accreditation Application


Qualified FSD Accreditation Application- Additional Categories


Qualified FSD Accreditation Application- Transitional to Qualified