In January 2021, the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) commenced its first scheduled audit of accredited practitioners, in accordance with the New South Wales Government Requirements.  FPA Australia has developed the Auditing and Compliance Policy & Procedures to ensure transparency within this space.


The Audit Plan for 2021 identified 10% of all Fire Safety Assessment (FSA) and Fire System Design (FSD) practitioners who were randomly selected, resulting in 121 practitioners for audit in total. Each month 13 new practitioners will be audited, until auditing for the year is complete.


Practitioners are required to maintain detailed records about their professional activities, and are provided with a link to their own Dropbox folder upon their audit commencing where they can upload any requested documents.


For the purpose of recording practitioner's workplace activities (WPA's), FPA Australia has developed two WPA Forms - one for FSA and one for FSD. While these forms are not mandatory, they provide a strong foundation for recordkeeping and cover the requirements for audit.


The auditing process follows some simple steps:


  1. Practitioners are advised they are under audit, requiring five (5) business days to provide a summary of all the work they've done (up to 100 jobs) since becoming accredited.
  2. FPA Australia advises the practitioner which jobs will require further audit, requiring ten (10) business days to provide any relevant reports, documents, diagrams and evidence that substantiate the practitioner's assessment.
    As a part of this process, between 5 and 10 jobs will be assessed, covering as broad a range of the practitioner's accreditation as possible.


FPA Australia reserves the right to ask for materials or information not described above as part of the audit process, if required. If FPA Australia seeks more information or documentation, they will advise the practitioner accordingly.


For further information regarding auditing policy, please refer to the FPA Australia Auditing and Compliance Policy and Procedures.