FPA Australia has to audit 10% of Accredited Practitioners (Fire Safety) (APFS) per year, and compliance with this process requires practitioners to maintain detailed records about their activities.  


To help APFSs to record their workplace activities (WPA), FPA Australia has developed the Form 1 - WPA List.  A workplace activity is defined as "a job executed by the APFS, which demonstrates their competency in an area of accreditation."  


Detailed records are essential if a practitioner is going to be able to show how they have approached assessment or design, and the reasons behind each of their decisions.   


If a practitioner doesn't have clear records, FPA Australia recommends that, at the very least, a Form 1 be used instead.  


While not mandatory, Form 1 provides a process for a practitioner to register any assessment jobs or design projects where good records may not be readily available.   


Even with a Form 1, however, the Authorised Officer may still need additional documents in order to conduct the audit effectively.  


Prior to a scheduled audit, the Authorised Officer will send notification to the APFS about the documents they will expect to see within five (5) business days.  


This will include: 


  • a list of WPAs (jobs executed) for which they have prepared reports/relevant documents within the past twelve (12) months; 
  • documents that demonstrate that the practitioner's insurance is current; and 
  • evidence that the practitioner is appropriately experienced to be performing annual assessments on the measures for which they have obtained accreditation, in line with the statutory declaration they signed at application stage.  


APFSs will be required to upload all documents to a Dropbox folder created by FPA Australia.  


All jobs performed, up to a total of one hundred (100), should be recorded.  If more than one hundred (100) jobs have been carried out, the most recent jobs should be provided.  


The Authorised Officer will review the list submitted by the APFS and select WPAs that cover the range of accreditations held by the APFS. 


During a scheduled audit, the Authorised Officer will assess:  


  • a minimum of five workplace activities (WPA); and 
  • a maximum of 10% of all WPAs for the year, or up to ten (10), whichever is less.  


Once the WPAs have been selected, the Authorised Officer will advise the APFS of the projects chosen and allow ten (10) business days for them to collect:  


  • any relevant reports, documents, diagrams, or evidence that substantiate the APFS's competency in identified areas of accreditation; and 
  • any photographic or other evidence that shows the condition of essential fire safety systems or how the APFS's decisions were made.   


This evidence will be reviewed and assessed as part of the audit process. 


If the Authorised Officer seeks more information or documentation, they will advise the APFS accordingly. 


FPA Australia reserves the right to ask for materials or information not described above as part of the audit process, if required.   


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