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The Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS), launched in July 2013, is the only nationally harmonised accreditation system designed to recognise the skills and competencies of individuals working in the fire protection industry across all state and territory jurisdictions in Australia. FPAS also promotes and highlights businesses engaging accredited individuals through 'Recognised Business' provisions.


Our 2020 Vision for Fire Protection Inspect & Test (Routine Service)


FPA Australia has a simple goal for the fire protection industry: That all Corporate Members who offer inspect and test services gain FPAS Recognised Business (Inspect and Test) status.


After the Vision is implemented, only FPAS Recognised Businesses (Inspect and Test) will appear to customers searching for inspect and test services on the Providers of Choice search tool.


We are driven to improve the quality and consistency of inspection and testing of fire protection systems and equipment. Inspection and testing is critical to maintaining the safety of the millions of buildings the community lives and works in.



Available Classes of FPAS Accreditation


FPAS currently covers Inspect and Test, Fire Systems Design, Fire Systems Certification and Fire Safety Assessment areas of work. For a more detailed overview of these accreditation classes, please refer to the links below.



Other classes of accreditation will come on-stream over time, including Install & Commission, Maintain, and Emergency Planning and Training (EPT).


The Scheme incorporates existing and essential components of the Australian Government training agenda on competency-based training and assessment.


FPAS is financed through a fee-based system on the application, attainment and renewal of accreditation of individuals. The Scheme is a vital component of ongoing efforts by the fire protection industry to increase its professionalism and delivery of quality services by engaging a technically competent workforce, ultimately leading to improved fire safety outcomes for the community.


Individual Accreditation


Individuals accredited under the Scheme must demonstrate competency to provide the services for which they are accredited via an objective, formal assessment process.


Where launched, there are three (3) accreditation pathways for individuals:


1.    Qualified Accreditation

2.    Transitional Accreditation

3.    Trainee Accreditation


Accredited individuals who have gained Transitional or Trainee Accreditation are required to transition to Qualified Accreditation within a specified period. This transition period allows the individual to complete the required units of competency needed to successfully gain Qualified Accreditation under the Scheme.


See the FACT Sheets and FPAS NSW Competent Fire Safety Practitioner document for further information on obtaining Qualified, Transitional or Trainee Accreditation.


Recognised Business (Inspect and Test)


In parallel with the introduction of individual accreditation within the Inspect and Test class, an FPA Australia Corporate Member can gain Recognised Business status.


Recognised Business status is awarded to business entities that are Corporate members of the Association and are investing in the skills, knowledge and experience of those fire protection professionals engaged in the business, thereby supporting them in achieving individual accreditation.


Businesses recognised by the Scheme only engage appropriately accredited fire protection professionals to conduct inspect and test work in those categories for which the business provides services.


Accordingly, business entities that meet the FPAS Recognised Business criteria will be acknowledged as:


•    Being capable of delivering quality professional services as they engage FPAS accredited individuals; and

•    Supporting the industry pathway to increased quality and professionalism by ensuring its fire protection workforce is accredited through the Scheme and moving towards all individuals gaining FPAS Inspect and Test Qualified Accreditation.


Corporate Members, please click here to find out more on registering your business for FPAS (Inspect and Test) and gaining Recognised Business (Inspect and Test) status.


Enquiries regarding FPAS should be directed to the Accreditation and Licensing department at the FPA Australia National Office on 03 8892 3131 or by emailing


Disclaimer: FPAS is not a substitute for any requirements for licensing, registration or accreditation established by relevant applicable legislation (state, territory and/or federal) unless otherwise confirmed by relevant regulation.


Please note: consultation regarding all elements of the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) is ongoing, and as such all information contained on this page is subject to change.