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FPA Australia offers a range of tools, resources, documents, and other products to support the fire protection industry. 


From logbooks, guides, standards, and technical specifications, to membership stickers, the store has the materials you need to promote your company and service your clients.  


As the fire protection industry's not-for-profit representative body, all proceeds from FPA Australia sales centre items are reinvested back into our industry. 


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AS1851-2012 Logbook   MRR   Contract Documents   Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide


AS 1851-2012

From $28.60 inc GST

Routine service of fire protection systems...




AS 1851-2005

From $25.30 inc GST

Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment...


Contract Documents FPS6 - 2018

$110.00 inc GST

Make substantial savings in contract document development by...


Portable Fire Extinguisher Guides

$25.00 inc GST


The pocket-size Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide is an invaluable training... read more...

  FPAA101H IMAGE    FPAA101D IMAGE   AS 3959 - 2009

Technical Specification FPAA101D

From $139.70 inc GST

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation - Drinking Water more...  



Technical Specification FPAA101H

From $139.70 inc GST

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation - Hydrant Water more...


Australian Standards AS 2118.1:2017

$566.82 inc GST

This Standard Specifies general requirements for the design, Installation, and commissioning of automatic... read more...


Australian Standard AS/NZ 2293.3: 2018
$223.12 inc GST

This Standard specifies requirements for the design, construction, performance and testing of emergency luminaires and exit signs. It applies both to emergency ... read more...

AS1851-2012   AS 2444-2001
  AS 1670.1-2004    AS 3745 - 2010

Australian Standard AS 1851 - 2012
$323.20 inc GST

This Standard sets out the requirements for the routine servicing (inspection, testing, preventative... read more...


Australian Standard AS 2444 - 2001
$155.71 inc GST

This Standard sets out criteria for the selection of portable fire extinguishers and specifies more...



Australian Standard AS 1670.1 - 2015

$288.04 inc GST

This standard sets out the requirements for design, installation and commissioning of fire more..


Australian Standard AS/NZ 4801 2001

$130.76 inc GST

This Standard specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS), to enable an organization to formulate a policy... read more...

Kirks Fire Investigation   AS HB 76 - 2010   NFPA 921 2017
  Fire Protection Handbook 

Kirk's Fire Investigation 8th Edition

$226.00 inc GST

NFPA RES 10917

816 Pages

Be prepared with this leading resource and training tool... read more...


Australian Standard AS HB 76 - 2010
$110.43 inc GST

Provides emergency response information for dealing with accidents, spills, leaks or fires involving ... read more...


NFPA Guide for Fire Explosion Investigations

$156.00 inc GST

NFPA 921 - 2017

372 Pages

The 2017 NFPA 921 addresses...


NFPA Fire Protection Handbook 2008 Ed

$445.00 inc GST


3680 Pages

The new fully updated 20th edition FPH provides...