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Industry Events


AFAC Emerging Technology: Alternative Energy Safety Forum


9 August 2018




Emerging alternative energy technologies are posing new risks to the safety of fire and emergency services and the community. This forum will bring together experts from industry, government and fire services to explore opportunities and safety implications of these technologies, with particular focus on alternative energy and its impact on safety.


The program will feature presentations and discussion on emerging technologies, focusing on domestic, commercial and industrial energy generation and storage, the risks and mitigation approaches to fire safety.


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CRC CARE Workshop: Technical and Regulatory Issues resulting from the Use of PFASs at Contaminated Sites


30 August 2018




Delivered by CRC CARE, this presentation will provide an overview of PFAS sources, chemistry, environmental fate and transport, exposure, toxicology, and regulatory issues and occurrence with an emphasis on the state of knowledge regarding the characterization, risk management, and remediation of PFAS-impacted sites.


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FireNZ 2018


26-28 September 2018

New Zealand


FireNZ is the largest fire protection event in New Zealand, this year held on 26-28 September 2018 in Mt Maunganui. This event is run by Fire Protection Association New Zealand.


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