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Seminar - flexible sprinkler drop technology: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane


16 - 18 September 2014


Victaulic will be hosting industry leading seminars focusing on innovations in flexible sprinkler drop technology. Seminars will kick off on the Tuesday, 16 September from 7am to 10am for three consecutive days in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


Speaking at the seminars will be Jack Carbone, Senior Engineer at Victaulic who will be discussing developments with the Flexible sprinkler drop technology as well as the future of the fire industry in Australia. For more information about the seminars, visit



Technical Seminar - Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Seminar 2014 (Sydney)


16 September - 18 September 2014


The past year saw many cases of commercial kitchen fires in Australia, causing tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Some restaurants may take  months to recover, while most go out of business completely. Commercial kitchens are high fire risk environments. These fires can get out of control very quickly, whether in a restaurant, hotel, school or hospital. However, catastrophic situations are avoidable if the right fire suppression systems are installed.


At this seminar, you will learn about the ANSUL R-102 and PIRANHA Fire Suppression Systems which will quickly detect and suppress fires before they become uncontrollable. We will also discuss Kitchen Suppression Standards (UL 300) and next generation technologies in Kitchen Fire Suppression for modern kitchens. 


Sydney - 16 September - please  click here to register

Melbourne - 18 September - please  click here to register


Retro & Refurb Conference & Exhibition 2014

Innovative Solutions for Efficient and Productive Buildings


23 - 24 September 2014 : Australian Technology Park, Eveligh, NSW


Across Australia we are seeing investment in the retrofit of thousands of older buildings in a bid to cut energy usage and reduce emissions. Faced also with the development of many new builds which offer higher premium offerings, many property owners see the upgrade and refit of their facilities as essential if they are to remain competitive and attract and retain tenants. 


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The National Emergency Response Show


23 - 25 September 2014 : Exhibition Park in Canberra


Australian Emergency Services are second to none and the impressive response we saw to the floods in Queensland and New South Wales, to the bushfires in Victoria, Tasmania and more recently in the Blue Mountains, are indicative of the commitment and professional approach from governments, private sector and volunteer organisations. However, in our swiftly changing world, we can never become complacent. The National Emergency Response Show (ERS) is designed to maintain Australia's position at the forefront of available technology and innovation. Our goal is to create the world's preeminent show for disaster and emergency management.


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Engineers Australia Convention 2014


24 - 28 November 2014 : Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Convention 2014 will be the largest engineering event ever held in the southern hemisphere. Convention will bring together all areas of the engineering profession, with national and international keynote speakers exposing delegates to megatrends and thought leadership that will influence the future direction of engineering in Australia.


Over the five-day convention, delegates will have the opportunity to access six distinctive conferences. Convention 2014 will advance the engineering profession by providing an opportunity for professionals and industry leaders to share expertise, knowledge and innovations and to forge long-term partnerships through exclusive networking.


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2014 RACI Congress 


7-12 December 2014  :  Adelaide Convention Centre


The 2014 RACI Congress will bring together chemists with interests ranging from biological pathways to advanced materials to novel synthesis. The meeting will focus on industrial, academic and educational symposia and provide many opportunities for attendees to network with colleagues from many diverse backgrounds.


The meeting represents a new approach to the RACI National Convention traditional held every five years. This Congress will emphasise the cross disciplinary nature of chemistry and many of the symposia will explore exciting new areas of chemistry, discuss upcoming challenges to the industry, explore the boundaries of the traditional types of chemistry and examine future trends in chemistry and the related sciences. Inspiring the next generation of chemists will also be an important feature of the meeting and will see young chemists including those still in secondary school interact with the leaders in the field. 


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