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Fire Australia 2015 - Delivering a Fire Safe Future: The right choices for product compliance and approval


Fire safety depends on many factors. Critical to this is ensuring that fire safety products are designed, installed and maintained so that they are fit-for-purpose.


It is essential that the right decisions are made from conception through to completion and that appropriately certified products are selected and installed to ensure the reliability and  longevity of every system.


The Conference


Fire Australia 2015 is the premier fire protection industry conference, attracting a wide range of representation from businesses, government and fire safety practitioners. 


Regular attendees to the conference will notice it has moved from a November schedule to March. This is to move away from peak conference season, thus providing more industry personnel the opportunity to attend.


Building on the success of the last conference and exhibition, Fire Australia 2015 will once again provide delegates the option

of attending multiple streams over the course of both days. The streams will provide a mix of presentations focussing on

industry wide and industry specific topics. The industry specific streams will cover early warning and detection, fire suppression, passive fire protection and egress and bushfire. Presentations will address current issues, industry direction and challenges, and technical content relevant to those with an involvement in the fire protection industry.


The exhibition will once again be a main feature of the event, located central to all aspects of the conference. Sponsors and

Exhibitors have the opportunity to present on their products and services within the exhibition hall. These presentations will

occur during breaks in the plenary sessions. With speakers from across Australia and overseas, the organisers aim to ensure all presentations are topical and current, affording attendees across all roles in the fire protection industry additional

knowledge and information.


The Theme


To ensure fire-safe buildings and infrastructure, a robust fire safety strategy and reliable fire protection systems and equipment are essential.


This requires that decisions on building concept design and the selection of fire safety equipment and systems are right from

the very first stages of a project. When a system or technology is poorly designed, incorrectly selected and improperly installed, commissioned and certified, the impacts of these actions affect the safety of the building's occupants and the building itself.


There may be major problems during maintenance and an impact throughout the life cycle of the building or piece of infrastructure. Potential failure of equipment, construction elements or systems could occur which may result in loss of lives and property and significantly increase the legal liability of all involved in the supply chain from manufacturers through to installers.


The theme of Fire Australia 2015 focusses on getting design concepts and fire protection systems and equipment right from

the outset, therefore ensuring these are fit for purpose once installed. This will ensure dependable and cost effective fire protection throughout the life span of the building or infrastructure. One of the key aspects of any system is using

the right products for the right circumstances in the right way.


The conference will highlight issues of product and system certification, evidence of suitability and the various verification

methods. It will also look at the technologies we adopt and adapt to the Australian market, as well as how we compare

with other countries on an international scale for design, testing and certification.


To submit presentation abstracts or for exhibition & sponsorship visit the brochures page



Dates:  Wednesday 25 & Thursday 26 March 2015

Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre

Broadbeach, QLD


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