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Passive Fire Compliance - From Design to Handover - Live Webinar


A 60 minute live webinar presented by Peter Blain of Plus Passive Fire


Time: 10:00am - 11:00am AEST

Date: Tuesday 13 April 2021

FPA Australia member: $105 (incl. GST)

Non-member: $155 (incl. GST)


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Passive fire protection is rarely understood and often non-compliant.  

Poor preparation can lead to systems that do not work as intended, and do not meet the required fire safety standards. 

This webinar will use a recent case study to explore passive fire protection from design to handover taking into account the following:


  • Planning, design and document review
  • system selection and finding evidence
  • Installation guides
  • Inspection protocols
  • Defect management
  • Evidence & documentation
  • Installation certificates

In particular, the presentation will emphasise the need to plan, to understand the designs, to follow installation guides and manufacturers' specifications, and to maintain comprehensive documentation. 

It will also examine inspection protocols and identify how to manage and address any identified defects. 


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SA Planning Development and Infrastructure Act - Complying with the essential safety provisions - Live webinar


Presented by David Robinson, Systems Solutions Engineering


Time:  10:00am - 12:00pm SA time

Date:  Thursday 15 April 2021

FPA Australia member:  $105 (incl. GST)

Non-member:  $155 (incl. GST)


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The final phase of South Australia's Planning and Design Code (the Code) commenced in all urban areas on 19 March, 2021.  


This means that Form 3 of the Code - covering essential safety provisions (ESPs) - is now fully operational in all areas of the state.  


This form records that a building's ESPs have been maintained and tested in accordance with relevant maintenance standards and confirms their current performance.  


This webinar will discuss the Code and its implications, and walk through the use of Form 3.  


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FPAS Transitional to Qualified Pathway - Deep Dive - Live Webinar


Presented by Amanda Hogarth and Renee Wallace of FPA Australia


Time: 10:00am - 11:00am AEST

Date: Thursday 22 April 2021

FPA Australia member: Free

Non-member: Free


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Further to the webinar presented on 23 March titled FPAS Transitional to Qualified Pathway which provided high level detail on the implementation of the Qualified pathway to accreditation which takes effect on 1 July 2021. Amanda Hogarth and Renee Wallace will be taking a deep dive into Qualified pathway.

The webinar will aim to answer the questions raised at the webinar on 23 March and will cover the topics below:


  • Purpose of the Scheme
  • What does the Scheme aim to achieve?
  • What is FPA Australia's role in the Scheme?
  • How will FPA Australia validate applications? 
  • What is RPL?
  • Fire Safety Assessment and Fire Systems Design
  • How do I check if my current qualification is acceptable? 
  • How do I check if I hold equivalent units of competency? 
  • How do I submit an application (7 steps for accreditation)?
  • Example of the journey for a Transitionally accredited practitioner
  • Example of the journey for a practitioner who is new to the sector
  • Example of the journey for a Transitionally accredited practitioner who is adding new measures


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