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Training & Education

FPA Australia is a registered training organisation (RTO) that is committed to improving the competence of fire protection technicians.


Specialising in fire protection maintenance training, we offer two nationally recognised qualifications, and a range of around 40 individual units of competency for technicians to select from. To learn more about the FPA Australia education option, select from the documents below.

Important Training Information



Remote Assessment Guide


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EAHL Licence 2&3 Special Offer


Mapping and Credit Transfer


Mappling and Credit Transfer Application Form


Do you hold a qualification or units of competency in Asset Maintenance (fire protection equipment) but would like to update to the new Fire Protection Inspection & Testing qualifications? FPA Australia offers a service in qualification mapping. We can review your completed qualification and, where your previous units are equivalent to new units, issue you with a statement of attainment in the new units.


This makes upgrading to the new qualifications much cheaper and easier to achieve.


Complete the Mapping and Credit Transfer form and you will receive a Mapping Report specific to your requirements which lists your current units mapped against both a CPP20511 Certificate II in  Fire Protection Inspection & Testing and PP30811 Certificate III in Fire Protection Inspection & Testing. The report will show you which units are equivalent to those you hold, and which units you will need to complete in order to upgrade to the new qualifications. Where applicable the report will also show you where FPA Australia will accept a gap assessment (a shortened version of a full assessment) in order to complete a unit. Gap assessment is substantially cheaper and faster than a full assessment. You will also receive a statement of attainment for those units that are equivalent and a $50 credit towards your next enrolment with FPA Australia.