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Training & Education

Important Information for Students:


As of 1 January 2015, new students of FPA Australia (and any other Registered Training Organisation)  must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) as introduced by the Australian Government Department of Industry.


Students have two options for obtaining a USI: you can apply for the USI yourself and notify FPA Australia of this number when enrolling or you can arrange to have FPA Australia apply for the USI on your behalf.


If you would like FPA Australia to apply for the USI on your behalf you are required to supply copies of two forms of identification from those listed below.


  • Driver's Licence
  • Medicare Card
  • Australian Passport
  • Birth Certificate (Australian)
  • Citizenship Certificate


You will also be required to read and sign the USI Privacy Notice in order for the Association to process your application. SImply return these documents to FPA Australia along with your enrolment. To find out more download the USI factsheet or visit


FPA Australia's RTO offers self-study units allowing each student to enrol and receive materials to work through in their own time and pace. Students then select a public or private assessment workshop,  enabling them to quickly gain competence for skills and knowledge they have gained. We also tailor training and assessment specific to the needs of our clients for groups of six or more people.


Currently we are offering CPP20511 Certificate II and CPP30811 Certificate III in Fire Protection Inspection & Testing. These qualifications have recently been updated to include best practise and current workplace practises.


Before enrolling in any of our qualifications or units of competency, we recommend you read the Student Handbook below to learn more about your rights and responsibilities when studying with FPA Australia. The Student handbook includes information about enrolling and assessment and also includes important information about a range of fees and penalties that are applied for things such as late cancellations and those who do not show up for a confirmed place at an assessment workshop. 


The Unit Overview below provides information on each of the units of competency trained and assessed by FPA Australia. It is a useful way to identify the training that suits your needs before you enrol.


If you live in a remote area of Australia where attending a public assessment workshop is a difficulty, then you may prefer arranging a private assessment or undertaking your assessment using the remote assessment option. Please read through the Remote Assessment Guide below and contact FPA Australia Engagement & Education for further assistance or to arrange a private assessment.


Important Training Information



Remote Assessment Guide


RPL Guide


CPP Unit Overview 


Mapping and Credit Transfer


Mappling and Credit Transfer Application Form


Do you hold a qualification or units of competency in Asset Maintenance (fire protection equipment) but would like to update to the new Fire Protection Inspection & Testing qualifications? FPA Australia offers a service in qualification mapping. We can review your completed qualification and, where your previous units are equivalent to new units, issue you with a statement of attainment in the new units.


This makes upgrading to the new qualifications much cheaper and easier to achieve.


Complete the Mapping and Credit Transfer form and you will receive a Mapping Report specific to your requirements which lists your current units mapped against both a CPP20511 Certificate II in  Fire Protection Inspection & Testing and PP30811 Certificate III in Fire Protection Inspection & Testing. The report will show you which units are equivalent to those you hold, and which units you will need to complete in order to upgrade to the new qualifications. Where applicable the report will also show you where FPA Australia will accept a gap assessment (a shortened version of a full assessment) in order to complete a unit. Gap assessment is substantially cheaper and faster than a full assessment. You will also receive a statement of attainment for those units that are equivalent and a $50 credit towards your next enrolment with FPA Australia.