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State and Territory Membership Groups

State and Territory Membership Groups (STMGs) are an opportunity for members to engage with their Association in a contemporary, transparent way, which establishes strong two-way communication in order to bring about positive change in the fire protection industry.


The goals of the STMG are to provide FPA Australia members in each state or territory with an opportunity to be informed and engaged on key aspects and areas of interest that cover the full gamut of the fire protection community.


Each State or Territory Membership Group will be represented by a Leadership Team and supported by the National Office. The focus of the Leadership Team is to ensure that matters affecting the diverse aspects of membership relevant to their region are identified, discussed and in consultation with the National Office, resolved or guidance provided in order to resolve. 


STMG meetings are open to all FPA Australia members to attend irrespective of where they are based.  The purpose of these meetings are to allow members to attend informative and professionally run meeting and receive detailed briefings on contemporary matters affecting them and the broader fire protection industry and to discover how their Association is engaging and influencing key stakeholders to improve industry outcomes.


They will provide a platform that enables members to raise and address issues of concern or engage with other members on matters relevant to them in a timely and transparent manner.


For more information on State and Territory Membership Groups, please contact the National Office on 03 8892 3131 or email


To contact your Leadership Team, please email



For information about upcoming State and Territory Membership Group meetings please visit the events  calendar or contact the FPA Australia National Office on (03)8892 3131.