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Engagement & Education




FPA Australia's Engagement & Education Department manages three critical areas of activity within the Association: Training & Education, Events and our State & Territory Membership Groups.


Training & Education


FPA Australia is a registered training organisation (RTO) that is committed to improving the competence of fire protection technicians.


Specialising in fire protection maintenance training, we offer two nationally recognised qualifications, and a range of around 40 individual units of competency for technicians to select from. Our qualifications and units meet the needs of many of the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) Fire Occupational Licences, and the Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Synthetic Greenhouse Gases (SGG) Extinguishing Agents Handling Licences.


Our product range is delivered as self-study units, where each student enrols and receives materials to work through in their own time and pace. Once self study has taken place students can then enrol in one of the regular workshops in order to be assessed. Workshops are regularly held in most capital cities and some major towns around Australia, and those who are interested can select to either enrol directly into the next available workshop or join a waiting list.


FPA Australia also administers the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) which recognises qualified and competent fire protection  technicians working in the test and inspect fields. Students who achieve competence in units from the new CPP20511 and CPP30811 will be well on the way to gaining accreditation in this Scheme.


To learn more about the training and assessment offered by FPA Australia, visit the training page. To see the next assessment workshops happening near you, visit the events calendar. To learn more about FPAS, visit the FPAS page.




The Engagement & Education Department manages the full suite of well-known industry leading events such as the Fire Australia conference & exhibition, HazMat and a range of other national and state based seminars, exhibitions and educational sessions.


The aim of these events is to educate members, the industry and the broader community by delivering relevant, engaging, informative and timely information that directly impacts the fire protection industry and related industries. Given the educational nature of FPA Australia events, many sessions attract continuing professional development (CPD) points.


Topics for FPA Australia events are informed by changes in legislation, Australian Standards and shifts in industry best practice or community expectations regarding fire protection and safety. The Engagement & Education department consults closely with the Technical Advisory Groups, Special Interest Groups and State & Territory Membership Groups to ensure all topics chosen are highly relevant and that all speakers selected are experts in their fields.


To find out more about FPA Australia events, visit the events page.  


State & Territory Membership Groups


The Department also administers and manages the operation of the State & Territory Membership Groups (STMGs). The STMGs are your opportunity to engage with FPA Australia in a contemporary, transparent way, which establishes strong two-way communication in order to bring about positive change in the fire protection industry.


This structure is made up of six 'portfolios' including:

1. Regulatory Stakeholders

2. Regulation, Codes & Standards

3. Accreditation & Licensing

4. Products & Services

5. Members & Membership Activities

6. Bushfire


All members of FPA Australia can attend any STMG meeting in any state or territory and all upcoming meetings are regularly publicised as well as being listed on the events calendar. To learn more about State & Territory Membership Groups visit the STMG page.