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As a membership organisation FPA Australia's sole focus is to engage with members and key stakeholders in government, business and the public to continually develop the industry across all aspects of fire protection and reinvest in the sector to achieve improved safety outcomes


How Do I Get Involved in My Industry Association? 


FPA Australia offers members many opportunities to discuss, learn and contribute to the industry as well as opportunities to socialise and build networks with other members.


State and Territory Membership Groups


State and Territory Membership Groups (STMGs) are your opportunity to engage with FPA Australia in a contemporary, transparent way, which establishes strong two way communication in order to bring about positive change in the fire protection industry  The groups meet periodically in Australian states and territories and all members are welcome to attend.


For a more detailed overview of State and Territory Membership Groups click here


Technical Committees


Fundamental to FPA Australia and the continued development of the broader fire protection industry is the establishment of Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which come under the umbrella of the National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC).


These TACs and SIGs consist of volunteers from the membership with an interest in particular areas of fire protection and a commitment to advance the industry.


 Their function is to:

  • Improve the quality of products and services in the industry

  • Provide input into the development of industry guidelines and Australian Standards
  • Contribute to the technical policies and documentation of the Association
  • Assist in the preparation of submissions to regulatory bodies
  • Support the broader fire protection industry with expert advice
  • Review training competencies

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