Tasmanian restrictions


UPDATED - 20 October, 2021

Total active cases - 1

Locally acquired last 24 hours - 0

Overseas acquired last 24 hours - 0

Under investigation last 24 hours - 0

Locally acquired last 7 days - 1

Overseas acquired last 7 days - 0 

Under investigation last 7 days - 0





Southern Tasmania has been hit with restrictions for certain municipalities, which will be in place until 6pm on Friday, 22 October, 2021.  


These include the need to wear face masks in public,when exercising, and in all business, services, and retail settings.  


Travellers are allowed to enter Southern Tasmania, but must comply with face mask requirements.  


The Check in TAS app is still mandatory for several types of business.  


Current restrictions can be found here.  For more information, check the Government's website here.  





Current travel restrictions include:   


Australian Capital Territory   

  • Australian Capital Territory declared high-risk (level 1)         
  • Premises declared high-risk (level 1)

New South Wales

  • New South Wales declared high-risk (level 1)
  • Local Government areas high-risk (level 1)
  • Premises declared high-risk (level 1)

Northern Territory


  • Premises declared high-risk (level 1)

South Australia

  • Premises declared high-risk (level 1)


  • Victoria declared high-risk (level 2)
  • Local government areas declared high-risk (level 1)
  • Premises declared high-risk (level 1)

Western Australia

New Zealand

  • New Zealand declared high-risk (level 2)
  • Premises declared high-risk (level 1)



Restricted areas can be found on these maps.   



Please note:  FPA Australia tries to keep these pages as accurate and up-to-date as possible.  However, Coronavirus policy is changing rapidly, so practitioners should check the links to confirm what is required of them.