Northern Territory restrictions


UPDATED - 20 October, 2021


Total active cases - 9

Locally acquired last 24 hours - 1

Overseas acquired last 24 hours - 0

Under investigation last 24 hours - 0

Locally acquired last 7 days - 4

Overseas acquired last 7 days - 5

Under investigation last 7 days - 0





Like most jurisdictions, the NT Government is pushing towards an 80% vaccination target by November, 2021, to return to greater freedom (currently at 60% of Territorians are fully vaccinated).  


As part of this drive, there is a mandatory vaccination program for certain workers, which includes workers who perform work in essential infrastructure, food or essential goods security or supply, or logistics in the Territory.  


These people must have their first dose by 12 November, 2021, and both by 24 December, 2021.  


For more information, check the Government's website here.  Updates can be found here.  





Travellers coming to the Northern Territory must abide by the Government's quarantine requirements


Visitors to the NT will not be permitted entry if they are from a declared Covid-19 hotspot or public exposure site.


The following areas are declared hotspots for the purpose of travel to the Northern Territory:  



There are also declared hotspots in Western Australia, but nothing in the other states. 


A map of the declared Coronavirus hotspots can be found  here.   



Please note:  FPA Australia tries to keep these pages as accurate and up-to-date as possible.  However, Coronavirus policy is changing rapidly, so practitioners should check the links to confirm what is required of them.