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We are living in unprecedented times, with COVID-19 gripping communities across the globe.


Shut downs, restrictions, and social distancing are changing the nature of business and creating uncertainty about how to deliver fire safety.


This resource is intended to help fire practitioners understand the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic and serve as a one-stop-shop for information relevant to you and your business.


Latest from the front lines


30 April, 2020


There is a glint of light at the end of the tunnel, with the suggestion by Prime Minister Scott Morrison that Australia is "not too far away" from easing current coronavirus restrictions. 


The introduction of the new COVIDSafe tracing app is a key factor in suggestions that restrictions may be lifted, allowing health officials to monitor effective social distancing practices. 


Restrictions are on the agenda for the National Cabinet meeting on May 11, and could be lifted not long afterwards, if there is a continued slow in new cases. 


Sport may be restarting again soon, but it is unlikely that you'll be able to go to the game - empty stadiums are still likely to be the norm for the time being. 


Already, the NSW Government is relaxing rules around limited social gatherings, although the Premier warned that it didn't give people a licence to go beyond the rules. 


The Prime Minister is contemplating lifting the ban on travel to New Zealand, but other international travel is still off the cards for the foreseeable future. 


This comes at a time when the Government is calling for an inquiry into the origins of the pandemic, with the Chinese ambassador suggesting that it could turn his country's consumers away from Australian products.  In response, the Government said that it wouldn't bow to economic coercion and that it was "reasonable and sensible" to learn how the outbreak began. 


COVID-19 Tips and Traps


With community concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, practitioners can't just walk into buildings and act as they always have. 


More than ever, fire safety work is proving to require a considered negotiation between practitioner, client, and tenant. 


So, what might you need to consider to prepare for routine service work? 


Find out here


Strategy to maintain service delivery


FPA Australia is continuing to deliver products and services during the coronavirus crisis. Events, accreditation, committee meetings and other activities are being delivered electronically as much as possible.


We are implementing internal procedures to ensure the safety of staff, and maintain our ability to support the fire protection industry.


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Classification of fire protection as an essential service


The Association is also working with all levels of government to advocate for and clarify fire protection's position as an 'essential service', and its exemption from business shutdowns. Our position is that fire protection is not currently covered by the shutdowns implemented around Australia.


FPA Australia advocates for the continuity of essential fire safety maintenance by competent fire protection industry professionals across Australia where safe to do so.


Update on fire protection during coronavirus shutdown (8 April 2020)


Coronavirus and essential fire safety maintenance (26 March 2020)


Fire protection during coronavirus shutdowns (23 March 2020)



Routine service access during social distancing


FPA Australia has received reports of building owners and tenants refusing access to fire protection routine service practitioners, and of practitioners concerned about entering some buildings due to concerns about coronavirus and social distancing.


As a result, FPA Australia has written to the relevant Ministers in each jurisdiction seeking a response that:


  • Recognises that these issues are occurring and create valid reasons for circumstances where routine service is unable to occur.
  • Emphasise that routine service should continue to occur where possible, but where not possible making provision for suitable delays in routine services and leniency on offences or penalties.


For your reference, you can read the letters sent to the Ministers here: TAS, WA, NSW, QLD, ACT, NT, VIC, SA.




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