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Disciplinary Process


Show Cause Notices and Notices of Decision

When FPA Australia identifies a breach of the Code of Professional Conduct an individual is issued a Show Cause Notice informing them of the details of the breach. They are then given an opportunity to respond before the matter is presented to FPA Australia's Case Management Committee.


The Case Management Committee considers the points raised in the Show Cause Notice and the individuals response, then decides on an outcome based on the  FPA Australia Disciplinary Framework.


As part of this assessment, the Case Management Committee considers the risk posed by the breach, matters previously assessed and the fairness of the potential outcome.


Following this a Notice of Decision is issued to the subject outlining FPA Australia's decision and the reason behind it.



Appealing FPA Australia's Decision

An individual who receives a Notice of Decision may appeal the matter, though this must be done within fourteen (14) days after being provided a Notice of Decision.


Upon receipt of a completed appeal application with payment for appeal, FPA Australia will suspend their decision until such time that the Accreditation Appeals Panel oversees the matter.


The appeal will be overseen by the Accreditation Appeals Panel (AAP), an independent group of industry specialists.


The AAP will make a final decision to either affirm (uphold) or quash (dismiss) the original decision. If the panel sees fit they may provide a substitute decision which may lead to more or less severe penalties for the appellant.


In order to appeal a Notice of Decision, you must complete the Appeal Application and Appeal Application Cost forms and return to within 14 days of the original decision date



Register of Notices of Decision

All decisions made by FPA Australia in relation to the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) resulting in disciplinary action are recorded publicly on the Register of Notices of Decision. Questions regarding the register should be forwarded to



Register of Notices of Decision