Application for Accreditation


To apply for accreditation, download the Accredited Practitioner Application Form:


     NSW or VIC


     WA only



Application to be listed as a "Provider of Choice"


Corporate members of FPA Australia may apply for endorsement to deliver BPAD services.  Endorsed Corporate members will be promoted as a "Provider of Choice" under the category of "Bushfire Consultant (BPAD)" on this website and other promotional material. Corporate members who want to apply to be endorsed as providing the specialty "Bushfire Consultant (BPAD)" should download the application form here.



Continuing Professional Development


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills in your professional area of practice. It is designed to ensure practitioners keep their skills and knowledge relevant and up to date with industry standards and the regulatory framework.


To assist the collection of evidence of your CPD activities throughout the accreditation period a CPD logbook has been created for accredited practitioners.   


To download the CPD Logbook in PDF format click here, to download the CPD Logbook in Microsoft Excel format click here