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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills in a professional's area of practice. It is designed to ensure practitioners keep their skills and knowledge relevant and up to date with industry standards and the regulatory framework.


Accredited Practitioners in the BPAD scheme are expected to maintain records of CPD activities that extend or update their knowledge, skill or judgement in relation to the provision of bushfire consultancy and business management services.


Under the Scheme, CPD commitment by an individual will be a requirement of accreditation and renewal, to ensure that an individual is up-to-date with current work practices in the fire protection industry and in their accredited 'BPAD category.


CPD activities can include:        


  • Formal education and training, including distance education, where there is a formal assessment


  • Short courses, professional development sessions and workshops where a formal assessment may not be required


  • Attendance at seminars and discussion groups and conferences where there is a clear link to the professional development of individuals working in the Bushfire Planning and Design profession.


  • Learning activities in the workplace (non-income generating) that extends knowledge and skills in the bushfire area.


  • Private study of journals, texts etc... (informal learning activities) which extends knowledge and skills in the bushfire area and/or in the areas of business and management skills.


  • Voluntary service to the bushfire protection profession.


  • The preparation and presentation of material for courses, conferences, seminars or journals private study of journals,


  • Any other structured activities not covered by the above that meet the CPD requirements of this scheme.