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Code of Professional Conduct

A key feature of the BPAD Accreditation Scheme is the requirement for Accredited Practitioners to abide by the FPA Australia Code of Professional Conduct (the Code).


All applicants for accreditation and those renewing their accreditation must declare that they agree to abide by the Code at all times whilst providing services covered by the accreditation scheme.


The Code prescribes the principles, standards of behaviour and service delivery requirements and applies to all individuals accredited under an accreditation scheme administered by FPA Australia. Accredited individuals who sign the Code of Professional Conduct Declaration are Signatories to the Code.


Compliance with the Code:


  • establishes the benchmark for the delivery of services to the community
  • enshrines the principles of integrity and professional relations with clients
  • upholds the principles of the competitive process.


Compliance with the Code will ensure Signatories operate responsibly and ethically and support FPA Australia's commitment to serve the community, for the best possible outcomes for the protection of life, property and the environment.


Download the Code of Professional Conduct here.