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The BPAD Handbook


The Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Accreditation Scheme requires practitioners to demonstrate they meet specific competency requirements appropriate to the level of accreditation being applied for.


A separate process of accreditation applies for each state and territory where the BPAD Accreditation Scheme has been launched.


A handbook has been produced to assist current bushfire consultants and those members of other professions aspiring to enter the field of bushfire consultancy services with a comprehensive understanding of the BPAD Accreditation Scheme for each jurisdiction and how to become a BPAD Accredited Practitioner.


The handbook contains information that:  


  • Is relevant for new applicants as well as those who are already accredited; and
  • Contains information about the operation of the BPAD Scheme including the requirements for:
    • Gaining accreditation;
    • The application process for new applicants; and
    • The ongoing requirements of existing accredited practitioners.


For further information on the BPAD Accreditation Scheme and the application process required to become an accredited practitioner, download the relevant handbook for the jurisdiction where you wish to seek accreditation using the links below.


The BPAD Accreditation Scheme does not formally operate in states or territories that are not listed below at this time. FPA Australia is currently working with key stakeholders in other states and territories in order to roll out BPAD in the near future. Further information will be made available through the various FPA Australia communication channels as developments unfold.


Only states or territories where the BPAD Accreditation Scheme is launched will appear in the list below.


New South Wales


Western Australia