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Technical Documents


The FPA Australia Technical Department is responsible for the development, implementation and management of the Association's strategic policy on technical issues for the fire protection industry.


The Department works with NTAC, TACs, SIGs and other stakeholders to - among other activities - develop technical documents that benefit members, the industry and the community.


These documents provide complementary, interpretative, educational or provocative advice for the benefit of members, industry and the community in accordance with the vision of the Association.


There are several different types of FPA Australia technical documents:



Internal documents that provide leadership and establish protocols for Association processes


Position Statements

Clearly and succinctly state FPA Australia's opinion in relation to a specific technical issue.


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Information Bulletins

Raise awareness regarding changes to regulatory requirements or processes; industry trends or practices; or concerns regarding technical matters.


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Technical Advisory Notes 

Provide interpretation of non-FPA Australia documents (e.g. Australian Standards, Legislation, Practice Notes etc.) and advocates best practice for compliance and processes.


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Good Practice Guides

Provide detailed advice for the application of good fire protection industry work practices where other suitable non-FPA Australia documents (e.g. Australia Standards, Legislation, Practice Notes, etc.) do not exist or lack detail.


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Reference Documents

Gather information from multiple sources to provide a central source of information for the fire protection industry.


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