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Below is a list of the current Technical Advisory Committees and their activities. The numbering of each directly corresponds with the particular Australian Standards FP committee with which it interfaces.


TAC/1 - Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment


Responsibilities cover the maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment.


TAC/1 Terms of Reference


TAC/2 - Fire Detection and Alarm Systems


Responsibilities cover fire detection, alarm, warning and intercommunication systems.


TAC 2 Terms of Reference

TAC/3/7 - Portable and Mobile Equipment


Responsibilities cover fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hose reels and other portable or mobile fire equipment.


TAC 3/7 Terms of Reference


TAC/4/8/9 - Fire Sprinkler & Hydrants Systems, Tanks and Fixed Fire Pumps


Responsibilities cover fire sprinkler and hydrant systems, tanks and fixed fire pumps.


TAC 4/8/9 Terms of Reference

TAC/11/22 - Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems


Responsibilities cover special hazard fire protection systems, such as, gaseous, aerosol, water-mist and fixed foam suppression systems as well as pre-engineered systems.


TAC 11/22 Terms of Reference


TAC/17 - Emergency Planning


Responsibilities cover emergency response planning, training and procedures.


TAC 17 Terms of Reference


TAC/18/19 - Passive Fire Protection


Responsibilities cover passive fire protection products and services and methods for assessing for hazards and risk to life and property and the contribution of design, materials, products and components to fire safety particularly but not exclusively in buildings.


TAC 18/19 Terms of Reference


TAC/20 - Bushfire Safety


Responsibilities cover planning and design to reduce risks to people, property and the environment from bushfires, wildfire and grassfires throughout Australia. This committee also provides advice on FPA Australia's industry accreditation program for this area known as: Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD).


TAC 20 Terms of Reference


TAC/23 - Tunnel Fire Safety


Responsibilities cover fire protection and fire safety systems and equipment for use in road and rail tunnels.


TAC 23 Terms of Reference


TAC/T - Training

Responsibilities cover the identification and review of educational resources, units of competency and training and assessment delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) through and on behalf of FPA Australia or its members.


TAC T Terms of Reference