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The Special Interest Groups managed by FPA Australia have been formed to achieve the following goals:


  • Provide a forum to bring together FPA Australia members with allied interests, keeping them up to date and facilitating communication between these members on technical, standards, regulatory, safety and community safety issues.


  • Develop relationships and links to industry and government.


  • Improve the flow of industry-specific fire safety information to all members.


Membership of Special Interest Groups is open to all FPA Australia members (excluding Associate) who are able to demonstrate a professional contribution to the group through knowledge and expertise that is relative to the group's focus.

Each SIG meets at least once per year, usually in Melbourne or Sydney. These meetings are often held via teleconference as well as face-to-face. All costs associated with travel and accommodation are met by the participant or their employer.
The current Special Interest Groups are outlined below:


Aviation (A/SIG)


Covers fire protection for the aviation industry.


A/SIG Terms of Reference


Inspectors & Certifiers (IC/SIG)


Covers the independent inspection and certification of fire protection systems both after installation and for essential services annual reporting.


IC/SIG Terms of Reference


Marine (M/SIG)


Covers fire safety for commercial and recreational vessels, marinas and other maritime assets.


M/SIG Terms of Reference


Residential Fire Protection (RFP/SIG)


Covers assisting in the education of the broader community on new fire safety legislation and other relevant documents that affect fire protection in residential accommodation.


RFP/SIG Terms of Reference


Sustainability (S/SIG)


Established to address sustainability from a fire protection perspective. This SIG covers issues including sustainability in terms of life, property, environment, business, health and amenity, and community; The effect of energy efficiency measures on the fire safety of buildings and Sustainability in the manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment.

For further information on any of the Special Interest Groups, email