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Technical Advisory Committees


The FPA Australia Technical Department is responsible for development, implementation and management of the Association's strategic policy on technical issues for the fire protection industry.

The Department works in consultation with the fire protection industry and FPA Australia members and is supported by the FPA Australia Board, the National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC), the Technical Advisory Committees (TACs), Special Interest Groups (SIGs), State & Territory Membership Groups and other relevant stakeholders.

This section of the website provides information on the Association's technical committees, including:


  • What do Technical Committees do? -Explains the roles and responsibilities of the Association's technical committees


  • How can I get involved -explains how you can become a member of the TACs and SIGs


  • Technical Committee Structure -how NTAC, the TACs and the SIGs operate


  • Technical Advisory Committees -provides a brief outline of each of the TACs


  • Special Interest Groups -provides a brief outline of each of the SIGs


  • National Technical Advisory Committee -explains the role and responsibilities of NTAC


  • Standards Australia committees - explains FPA Australia's relationship with relevant Standards Australia committees responsible for the development of Australian Standards for fire protection