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Board of Directors


The FPA Australia Directors are actively engaged in the fire protection industry, working for many of the major names in fire protection. 


As leaders in the industry, these volunteers bring many years of knowledge and expertise to the Association, ensuring its continued relevance and standing. 


They provide the governance oversight needed to ensure the ongoing success of FPA Australia. 


The Board meets on a regular basis and Directors are involved on behalf of the organisation in various technical committees, special interest groups, Australian Standards committees, the annual Fire Australia Conference and Exhibition, and many other fire protection activities throughout the year. 


Download the Association's Strategic Directions 2019-2022 here


To contact the FPA Australia Board please email If your email is intended for a particular board member, please specify this in the email subject line. 


FPA Australia Board of Directors  



Bob Grieve


President - Bob Grieve


Bob is the CEO of Delta Fire Australasia Pty Ltd, incorporating Delta Integrated Systems specialising in special hazards engineering and supply.  He has 40 years' experience in the fire industry working for Wormald and FFE/Quell.  Bob is currently a member of TAC 11/22, TAC 3, and TAC 2, as well as being a member of the FPIB Advisory Committee.   


P Conway


Vice-President - Patrick Conway


Patrick is the ANZ Regional Manager for Viking Group, and has over 30 years experience in the electrical and fire market.  He has successfully held technical, sales, and senior management roles within both small and large companies.  He is now involved in the wet and special hazards systems sector of the industry across Australasia and is an active participant in the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.  

  Rob Broadhead


Director - Robert Broadhead 


Rob is the founder and CEO of 2020 Fire Protection, a company that focuses on inspection and testing, repairs and upgrades, annual fire safety statements, office fitouts, and fire order upgrades.  Rob is passionate about the industry becoming a trusted profession, and spends a lot of time educating the strata sector on the importance of fire safety.




John Lynch 2020


Director - John Lynch


John is the General Manager for Business Services for Wormald. He has been involved in the Fire Industry for 22 years and is a current member of TAC 3/7 and the current chair of TAC 1.  Prior to working in the fire industry, John held sales and marketing roles with Nestlé in Australia and PNG, and Cadbury Schweppes.  

 Yvonne Pengilly

Director - Yvonne Pengilly


Yvonne holds a Bachelor of Technology (Engineering), and has worked within the construction industry for the past 35+ years, including as a government executive, board member, managing director, regional manager, and project superintendent in trade contracting, contract administration, project management, design management, and development management. 


  Russell Porteous


Director - Russell Porteous


Russ is the CEO of Firewize, an innovative fire safety design, installation and maintenance consultancy located in Melbourne, Australia. With almost 30 years of broad industry experience, Russ is sought after for his technical abilities on subjects including safety, fire detection, emergency lighting, emergency warning and the built environment.  

  Mark Potter


Director - Mark Potter


Mark started in the fire management industry nearly 30 years ago.  His career includes practitioner and executive level roles with Country Fire Authority (Victoria), TAFE Gippsland, and Fire Protection Association Australia.  Mark's consulting organisation works mostly in bushfire risk and mitigation, with a particular focus on strategic land use planning and the renewable energy sector. He has participated in the development of various Australian Standards including fire hydrant systems, bushfire sprinklers and home sprinklers. 


Stuart Yarnall 2020


Director - Stuart Yarnall


Stuart is the Director and General Manager of the Fire Equipment Services group of Fire Rescue Victoria. Prior to that he worked as a business unit manager in risk management and compliance firm Greencap (part of Westfarmers) and as a business strategist and operational leader with the Beanstalk Solutions consulting firm.  


There is one additional elected director, but details are not available at this time.  


For more information about the operation of the Board of Directors please contact the FPA Australia National Office.