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Association Structure


FPA Australia is run by a Board of Directors made up of six elected directors (two elected each year for a 3-year term), elected by the membership prior to the November AGM. Up to three more Board members can be co-opted, for a term of one year by the six elected members.


At the Board meeting following the AGM, the Directors appoint a President, Vice President and Finance Director for the forthcoming year. The Board appoint a Chief Executive Officer to fulfil the role as the Association's Public Officer, run the organisation and manage the team of permanent and temporary staff in the Melbourne based National Office.


The Board is governened by the Association's Constitution and By Laws which lays out the objectives of the Association, together with the requirements for membership, directors, meetings, committees and financial matters. FPA Australia produces an annual report which is published in time for the AGM in November each year can be found here.


The Association employs around 40 employees in its Melbourne National Office, with other resources positioned in other states.


FPA Australia has established State & Territory Membership Groups (STMGs) that hold regular meetings. These meetings are open to all members at all levels and are publicised in advance.


STMGs are a conduit to connect and engage FPA Australia members (and other interested individuals) with the Association in pursuit of actions and activities for the continued improvement and/or promotion of:


  • the Australian fire protection community
  • members of Fire Protection Association Australia at a local and national level.


To learn more about State & Territory Membership Groups, visit the wepage here.