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the National Peak Body for Fire Protection


Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) is the national peak body for fire safety that provides information, services and education to the fire protection industry and the community.


FPA Australia supports and represents accredited and competent practitioners working across all disciplines of the fire protection, building and construction industry.


The Association is supported by approximately 1500 members consisting of leading companies and organisations around Australia with a growing reach of 30,000 individuals operating across every aspect of the fire protection, building and construction industry.


Association members include manufacturers and suppliers of fire protection products and services, fire-fighters, building owners, insurers, designers and building surveyors, government and legislators, educators, bushfire consultants and anyone else working as part of the fire protection community to provide a safer environment for all Australians.


FPA Australia is a not-for-profit organisation employing more than 40 people at its national head office in Melbourne, with other resources positioned in other states.


The Association's sole focus is to continually develop the industry across all aspects of fire protection and reinvest into the sector to achieve improved safety outcomes.


Central to our vision is a focus on advocacy in order to influence change and deliver improved fire safety outcomes for the community.



Our 2020 Vision For The Fire Protection Industry


FPA Australia has a simple goal for the fire protection industry: that all individuals will be 'fit-for-action' (trained, competent and accredited) by 2020.


We are committed to making this a reality and have listened to feedback from our members in order to make the training and accreditation process simpler and more affordable. to learn more click here.